May is full of purple. The flag iris and dangling wisteria are the flowers of late spring, with ocassional lily of the valley kanzashi, which is rather rare though. Wisteria flower parks are famous around the world and the flower blossom itself iscelebrated in famous Japanese poems Iris is the second most classic kanzashi flower for May. In Japan fields of irises can be seen blooming on mountain slopes.

Both junior and senior maiko wear wisteria, but the kanzashi often differs greatly from one another. One year we can see a classic design of pink and purple gently shaded pieces, while another we can see dramatic falls of chirimen petals in bold purple.


This one is a classic design worn most popularly: this is the senior version withour the falls., nonetheless quite showy with the silver butterflies.

Senior Maiko wear beautiful cluster of three (miwa) blossoms. This one is a more contemporary design with less spiky leaves, but a more maiko-like version is coming soon :)