March sees more bright colors: than the winter kanzashi. There is bright yellow and pink, with a dash of silver. The main kanzashi flowers for March are canola, narcissus and peach blossoms. A likely addittion are butterflies, which give a hint of spring.

The most classic kanzashi design for junior maiko in March is the bright yellow canola (nanohana or rape blossom), often interspersed with pink. Canola are tiny flowers cultivated for their oil and you can see fields of these spreading in the countryside in springtime.


Junior maiko design has the long shidare falls and often - silver butterflies.

The narcissus is another typical design, and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. For more senior maiko, they are a cluster of smaller flowers. For more mature maiko, you can often see a miwa, or thee medium sized flowers.

You can often see chirimen (crepe) versions of this one, instead of habutae ones.

The senior maiko will wear a single flower, either fully yellow, or white and yellow single narcissus.