June is the rainy season in Japan and the kanzashi flowers for this month are assosiated with water: weeping willows and hydrangea. The most classic pairing is willow and pink dianthus, but you will often see umbrellas, pools of water and swallows.The second most popular motif recently is the hydrangea , tiny clusters of pastel pink, blue or purple flowers over a fresh-green background and leaves are said to be especially loved by the maiko.

Recently more and more often clematis rise up to see the light of day, either in the form of a single blue or powder pink flower or clusters of white non-tsumami flowers.

June is the rainy season and the washy blue hydrangea is perfect for it. And though willow is officially the maiko's flower, I have read somewhere that maiko prefer hydrangea. Truth or not, ajisai is a romantic kanzashi.


Senior maiko wear a single "bush" of them usually in blue, while younger maiko sometimes wear three or five bunches in white and purple.


The willow kanzashi of Juneare found in a variety of motifs. The most classic is the one where willow is paired up with pinks (either in pink or pink and red) , but you can also find swallows, umbrellas and swirling water pools to denote the rainy season.


You can also see shiny silver mizuhiki (paper cord) adorning the branches.