January kanzashi motif is one of the most changable kanzashi of all. Every year sees a new design and arrangement. Main motifs are

sho chiku bai (plum, bamboo, and pine, called the 3 friends of winter), chinese asters, sparrows, hagoita (game paddles), cranes and sparrows.

One of the 2012 design was a classic design featuring asters, pine and pine needles in various colors. Golden accents make this kanzashi a classy and subtle design.


There was a similar design with the pine being in green and red with the pine needles also in red and pink.

The 2013 featured two designs. Up till now I've done the design that was a little like the 2012. The bamboo was present instead of the green pine, and more colorful than usual. The asters were either white and red or white and pink.

In 2014 for the first time in many years saw sensu, or folding fans. Apart from the classical design of pine and chinese asters the silver and gold sensu fans adorned with tiny plum blossom.


Certinly it's one of the most stunning and unusual kanzashi recently.

I saw this kanzashi only once in 2015r, on maiko Katsuna during shigyoshiki (an event held every year in geisha districts on January 7th). I believe it's a custom design, but I always wanted to make something with hagoita.


It's a rather unusual combination of purple and pink Chinese asters with hagoita (game paddles which are now used as a lucky charm) and light green pine needles.

Examples of maiko from Kioto wearing Januray-themed kanzashi

Maiko Kyoka 杏佳
Maiko Naokazu 尚可寿
Maiko Satomi

Photos by Hide Ohnishi

Maiko Kyoka 杏佳