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Authenticity is a value in Wisteria Gardens' workshop, and thus - no satin ribbons or hot glue are used to make kanzashi. Thanks to using genuine silks and rice paste from Japan you can expect the best result possible.


Learning tsumami zaiku is an ongoing process, and even after 10 years I am still perfecting my skills. Japanese learn their trade all their life, never ceasing to strive for perfection. The way of making Wisteria Gardens' kanzashi is the same as Japanese- no hot glue or sewing to spoil the final effect.

Kinga Owczarska

Dedication • Passion • Perservance

Wisteria Gardens has been making tsumami zaiku for over 10 years.

Love for kimono evolved into fascination with Japanese arts and crafts, eventually leading to learning them myself.

Since then I've been striving for perfection in the art of tsumami zaiku.

Dedication to tradition

Making kanzashi is more than just folding silk squares. It's knowing types of silks and glues. It's the in-depth knowledge about the seasonality and motifs on kimono.

Studying Japanese arts, crafts and history made it possible for Wisteria Gardens to offer advice, helping you getting your dream accessory.

Wisteria Gardens

The art of tsumami zaiku

About Tsumami zaiku

Art of tsumami zaiku is like no other -  using small pieces of genuine Japanese fabrics kanzashi - or hair ornaments - are created. 

Their most famous wearers are now maiko, or apprentice geisha, Japan's most renowned artisans.

They wear different silk ornaments for each month.


Silk in Wisteria Garden's workshop is of the utmost quality. There is no other like it: it's colours, shine, texture and even smell are something that distinguishes it from all others. All fabrics are genuine Japanese products. No satin ribbon is used, no hot glue or sewing - here, there is no place for half-measures when it comes to quality.

OWCZARSKA KINGA gained right to use the Polskie rękodzieło/Polish handmade badge in the KANZASHI categoty as a asrecognition for aesthetic values

and the high quality of the items