About Wisteria

NAME: Kinga Owczarska

ABOUT: A self-taught tsumami enthusiast from Poland

Wisteria Gardens has been a brand name for tsumami zaiku creations since 2008.

Before that I’ve been making tsumami flowers for two years as a sort of

psychological therapy. After those two years I knew it wasn’t a mere hobby anymore

and turned one of my rooms into a tsumami zaiku workshop.

I make all sorts of tsumami accessories, not only the most recognizable hairpins and combs. I believe tsumami can adorn many other jewelry pieces: brooches, earrings and even rings. They can be a lovely addition to everyday wardrobe!

Tsumami is mostly silk, but in my works I use all sorts of natural textiles. Regular silks, vintage kimono silks, Scandinavian cottons are my textiles of choice. No worries though, no kimono was harmed during the process of making my tsumami creations: the silks I use all come from unwearable pieces which were took apart to salvage the usable pieces of precious silks for handicraft. I do not take wearable kimono apart! <3